Welcome to the World of Active Learning! Course Bundle

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Are you interested in versatile teaching methods? Would you like to increase the joy of learning in your classroom? Welcome to the world of Finnish active learning! The course entirety consists of four courses. We introduce Finnish active learning from different perspectives. There are also plenty of fun activity ideas and practices for you and for your pupils. The courses are suitable for teachers teaching 3 to 12-year olds. Each course awards a certificate once the course is completed.


The courses are:

  1. Welcome to the world of Finnish active learning!
  2. Adventure in the different school environments.
  3. Adventure in the different learning environments outside the school.
  4. Forming pairs and groups. Games.

The courses are introduced individually in the shop.

The goals of the courses are:

  • The students become acquainted with active teaching and learning.
  • They learn different group forming techniques and will understand the importance of working in different groups.
  • The students learn about the benefits and challenges of active learning.
  • They also consider on how the different activities could be done during the lessons.
  • With the help of this training, students will get ideas for teaching in different learning environments.
  • They get lots of concrete, versatile, easy-to-implement activity ideas and practices.
  • The students complete activities and practices that support their teaching.
  • The course includes ideas for assessment and a summary of the contents of the course with exercises for the students.

The instructors of the courses are class teachers Teija Kauppi and Eija Leskinen / Finnish Active Learning
You can follow the company Finnish Active Learning on Facebook and on Instagram. On Instagram use for the time of being our Finnish name ideareppu. The updates are also in English. Our website is finnishactivelearning.com.

Total duration of the four courses is 4 hours. Additionally there are individual exercises.


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