Mobie Academy

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Content Production Platform for Educational Materials Producers and Publishers

Mobie Academy offers content creators and publishers of educational material a versatile learning environment as a platform for producing modern learning materials. The service is free for content creators who place their material for sale at the Mobie Academy webshop. You only pay a sales fee for realized online sales. End-users pay a small monthly fee for using the system. The service can be deployed for the desired period of time.

Mobie Academy is a very versatile learning/training material production platform that includes a multitude of interactive tools for producing adaptive, personalized learning/training materials. It is xAPI-compliant, so you can also include materials produced with xAPI-compliant software.

Mobie Learning Environment

Highly versatile online learning environment developed in Finnish schools and educational institutions.

Learning and training materials for international distribution

You can put the learning and training materials you provide on the web service for global distribution through the Mobie Academy online store, as online stores can be physically active all over the world. 

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= Edge locations. Edge locations are AWS data centers designed to deliver services with the lowest latency possible.

For Content Producers

Content Production Platform for Producers and Publishers

For Educators

For educational institutions, schools, teachers and trainers

For Learners

Mobie Academy for students and other private individuals

For Companies

Mobie Academy for companies and organizations