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Mobie Academy for companies and organizations

Mobie Academy offers businesses and organizations a versatile Mobie eSmart training and familiarization solution now as a Mobie online shop. The deployment of the service does not require separate investments, but is completely free for training providers.

End-users of courseware pay a small monthly fee for using the system. The service can be deployed for the desired period of time, after which the materials of the courses can be stored in external sources and returned to the system at any time with performance data and notes. This means that you do not have to pay the system usage fee for the time it will not be used.

The e-commerce-based Mobie learning environment is best suited to small businesses and organizations that do not want to invest in their own eSmart learning environment.

Mobie Learning Environment

An extremely versatile e-learning environment developed in Finnish schools and educational institutions.

Learning materials and training materials from the Mobie Academy online store

You will find an increasing number of different learning and training materials at Mobie Academy online store, either as total online courses, or alternatively as Mobie Zine-formatted HTML5 publications. Extremely versatile, interactive courses include a lot of new types of tasks, both for testing your skills and for official course examinations. You will always see information about your own performance in real time. You can even compare your performance to the average of those who’ve previously completed the course. Course materials work regardless of time and place on all devices, smart phones, tablet devices, and computers.

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Content Production Platform for Producers and Publishers

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Mobie Academy for companies and organizations