Maths Schoolbag – Geometry, course 1

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The courses of Finnish Active Learning train teachers to use active teaching. Geometry course 1 contains activity ideas which diversify teaching and learning for the basics of geometry. The activity ideas support STEAM-skills. They inspire and motivate the pupils. The pupils can learn together by playing and moving. The course material includes a lot of printable materials. The course is suitable for teachers teaching 4- to 10-year-old children.

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The aims of the course are to support the learning, revising and adapting the skills. The essential part of the activities is the interaction between the pupils. The course contains 22 interesting, versatile and inspiring activity ideas. There are also tips for forming groups and for assessment.

The benefits of the courses of Finnish Active Learning for the teachers

  • The teachers develop and diversify their professional skills by getting acquainted with active teaching.
  • The interaction between the teacher and the pupils improves.
  • The workload of the teachers becomes easier with the printable materials and versatile activity ideas.

The benefits of the courses of Finnish Active Learning for the pupils

  • The pupils learn by working together, being active and participating.
  • The pupils´ studying and problem-solving skills improve.
  • The pupils´ motivation increases.
  • The pupils get more experiences of succeeding.

The designers of Finnish Active Learning are class teachers Teija Kauppi MAT (The Master of Arts in teaching) and Eija Leskinen MAT, a theatre pedagogue and nonfiction author.

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