Maths Schoolbag – Addition and subtraction calculations, course 1

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Courses of Maths Schoolbag train teachers to use active teaching methods. Addition and subtraction calculations course 1 provides ideas for preschool teachers and early years teachers to active teaching and learning in mathematics. Activity ideas complete and diversify teaching. The fundamental part in all activities, is the interaction and participation of pupils. You can read about Finnish Active Learning from the website

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The course introduces 19 activity ideas to addition and subtraction calculations 0-10. The aim is to demonstrate and concretize the calculation technics and concepts of mathematics. First we introduce the principals of active learning. We share ideas how to form pairs and groups. Material Pocket contains printable materials which ease your work. The activity pages introduce the aims of the activity, the equipment, the preparations and the activity instructions. You also get tips how to assess an activity and ideas for pupils´ self-assessment.

Benefits of Maths Schoolbag courses for teachers

  • Teachers develop and diversify their professional skills.
  • Teachers get familiar with different fields of active teaching.
  • Interaction between teacher and pupils is improved.
  • Teachers get more familiar with their pupils by using different working methods.
  • The workload of teachers becomes easier with the printable materials and ideas for active exercises.

Benefits of active teaching and learning for pupils

  • Pupils learn by being active.
  • Pupils´ studying and problem-solving skills improve.
  • Pupils´ interaction and cooperation skills develop.
  • Pupils´ motivation increases.
  • Pupils get more experiences of succeeding.


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