Maths Schoolbag – Multiplications, course 2

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This course is full of fun for multiplications! The course provides 29 active learning ideas on how to diversify mathematics lessons. This course highlights different learning environments along with versatile and motivating equipment. Pupils can learn by being active in the playground, forest, school yard and different school premises. The activity ideas support STEAM-skills such as collaboration and problem-solving. The course also includes tips on how to form pairs and groups and assessment. Your pupils can experience the pleasure of cooperation and joy of learning!

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One aim of the course is to introduce activity ideas on how to teach multiplications in different learning environments. Pupils can use versatile equipment and materials. You can print out multiplication cards and times tables from the Material Pocket and use them also in your own activities during the lessons. Every activity idea consists of detailed instructions for teachers. There are lists of the necessary equipment, preparations and activity instructions. The time for them is estimated. There are also variation ideas and tips for assessment.

Finnish Active Learning courses provide many benefits for teachers and pupils. Pupils can learn by working together. Their motivation increases and they can get important experiences of succeeding. Teachers can develop and diversify their professional skills. The workload of teachers becomes easier with ready, printable materials. Using varying working methods the interaction between teacher and pupils improves. Both teachers and pupils can enjoy of inspiring and fun activities.

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