Homeschooling and Active Learning 1

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Finnish Active Learning spreads the joy of active learning! The entirety of three lectures is suitable for parents and teachers teaching children aged 3-9. You can combine learning, playing and moving and let the children experience joy of learning and succeeding. The topics of these lectures are related to the concept of active learning, assessment and ideas on how to combine teddy bears and active learning. There are also fun printable materials for children. The duration of three lectures is 1 h 30 min.

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The designers of Finnish Active Learning are class teachers Teija Kauppi and Eija Leskinen. They have observed that active learning motivates and enthuses children. The adoption of new topics and skills can be made easier, more meaningful and fun when it happens also through playing and moving. The lectures and courses of Finnish Active Learning encourage even more teachers and parents to try action-based teaching methods. There are plenty of new ideas for cheering up studying.

You can find more Finnish Active Learning´s activity ideas on Facebook. On Instagram, use our Finnish name “ideareppu”. The updates are in English, too. Our website is

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