English Schoolbag, course 3: Food 1

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Would you like to find fresh and fun ideas for teaching and learning English vocabulary, phrases and sentences related to food? The course consists of 11 playful and versatile active learning ideas for beginner´s English. One aim is to encourage children to speak English. This happens by studying by playing and moving together. You can also get acquainted with co-teaching in language learning. The course introduces ideas on how to utilize it.

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The topic of the course is associated with children´s everyday life so it´s easy to motivate them. Colourful printable materials inspire children. You can use them also in other school subjects.

Using active learning pupils can

  • participate more,
  • move and play,
  • work with friends,
  • learn cooperation and interaction and
  • experience the joy of learning and succeeding.

This course offers teachers

  • a lot of activity ideas with accurate instructions and printable materials,
  • a possibility to get acquainted with versatile teaching methods,
  • ideas on how to use different learning equipment and
  • suitable activities for pupils with different learning styles.

You can find more activity ideas on social media. You can follow us on Instagram (use our Finnish name “ideareppu”) and on Facebook (Finnish Active Learning). Our website is finnishactivelearning.com.


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