Active School Day

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In schools it is well known that physical activity is connected to health, such as the well-being of heart, lungs or bones. However, physical activity also helps to improve learning results. At the same time, school satisfaction is increased.


In this course we show you how to increase physical activity into a kindergarten or a school. We tell you in what ways the teacher can in small steps begin to create a more active school day, and how to proceed in the process.

Our course contains:

  • A scientific reasoning to the connection of physical activity and learning
  • The characteristics of different divisions
  • More than 90 example videos on how to add physical activity into a classroom
  • Practical instructions on how to proceed in the process

The 10 divisions of our Active School Day course are:

  • Active Learning
  • Active Breaks
  • Active Breaks – Extra Pack
  • Active Breaks – Extra Pack 2
  • Active Breaks – Extra Pack 3
  • Active Math
  • Active English
  • Motor Skills
  • Brain Breaks
  • Active School Day – Summary and Future

We recommend you begin going through the course in the division of Active Learning. The divisions of the course include a common theory section on the benefits of physical activity and learning. Also, there is a specific explanation on the topic of the course, and practical examples on each topic. After completing these courses you will get a certificate.

Enjoy your time with physical activity!


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